Go+Wander is a bespoke experience provider offering urban treasure hunt and personalized adventure vacations for friends who want to spend time together, reconnect and enjoy new experiences. 

Tags: Business Model, Innovation, Concept Development

"For curious foodies who want to indulge their senses, our cheese confessional  is a pop-up store that sells cheese in an intimate way. Unlike standard cheese stores, our product has an experimental approach to selling cheese."


Tags: User Research, Experience Design

Uraan is a marketplace with a vision to create a connected, empowered community by inspiring and empowering the male youth in low-income neighborhoods, to help them achieve financial stability, in order to improve their way of life and strengthen the economics of their region.

Tags: User & Market Research, Business Strategy Design

Zemcar is a mobile app that connects busy families with reliable drivers for safe paid ride service. Targeted especially for kids and seniors, keeping safety as the primary concern.

Tags: Wireframes, Prototyping, Mobile App

"Us. Be the Voice. Vote" is a campaign comprised of a series of physical interactions focused on community, and geared towards making voting a daily habit amongst the millennials of California.

Tags: User Research, Innovation, Campaign Design

BriteHub is a supply-chain management software company that aims to produce low barrier-to-entry solutions for domestic manufacturers. The goal of this project was to provide Britehub consulting advice in order to further develop, innovate, and clarify their business model.

Tags: Business Strategy Design

Kiva is a money lending and borrowing platform focused on enabling and empowering communities across the globe. The project required working with Kiva's Delinquency Management team to identify challenges, and optimize processes for improved customer support.

Tags: Challenge Identification, Process Optimization