ISky is a Customer Experience Management portal for the automotive industry.

I worked on iSky while working at Pi Labs in 2013. This project came to us mainly for their mobile design and development. Most of their web interface was made but was quite outdated. My main responsibilities included understanding the platform, porting it for mobile (both iOS and Android), revamping the web interface while also helping develop new features and better interactions throughout.

A lot of the times features and new screens were derived from existing processes our clients had. Below is an example of an extensive 13 page form that retailers or salesmen would request the vehicle owner to fill out. Imagine the joy after buying a car - and then having to fill out a 13 page extensive form.

In addition to surveys and feedbacks, the iSky platform also had the ability to track sentiment analysis and predict customer behavior and satisfaction. This in created reports to manage car dealers both at a micro and macro level. 

Each of our clients had a slightly different structure and hierarchy in chain of command. However the app was designed to accommodate various types of users.


  • Customer

  • Salesman

  • Dealership Manager

  • Area Supervisor

  • Regional Manager

  • and so on.


Along the way we also tested out more interactive forms of engagement to get customer feedback. Below are some examples from one such survey.