"For curious foodies who want to indulge their senses, our cheese confessional  is a pop-up store that sells cheese in an intimate way. Unlike standard cheese stores, our product has an experimental approach to selling cheese."

Problem Statement

"Urban dwellers perceive the retail of cheese as impersonal. They seek intimate and curated ways to experience cheese."

User Personas and Insights

The insights gathered from our user interview were primarily that users:

  • Think they would enjoy this experience more with another person- particularly on a date

  • Want help in figuring out where to start while experimenting with cheese

  • Want customized packaging depending on the occasion or reason of purchase (self vs. gifting)

  • Had reservations about costumes, and had concerns about its hygiene, appearance etc.

  • Prefer not having the sales personnel around constantly, but like knowing there is somebody present if required

  • Wanted to share their experiments, recipes and experience with the world

Journey Mapping



Based on our insights from the IDI’s, we chose to use our prototyping session during R3 as an opportunity to push the boundaries of what our store could be.


One of our concepts (represented on slide 23) resonated with previous findings and generated interest, leading to the development of the cheese confessional.

Micro Pilot I


  • Will people confess a personal cheese story/ anecdote?



  • People will have a confession about cheese and are willing to share it publicly



  • 20 cheese confessions over social media (#cheeseconfession)

  • Percentage of reach



  • By theme of cheese confession

  • Known/unknown respondents

  • Level of how ‘personal’


  • Easy to get a cheese confession (love or hate)

  • Loving cheese too much were top themes

  • Most confessions were humorous in nature

  • Most confessions were about how they ate cheese

  • Some cheesemongers feel no guilt or shame

Micro Pilot II


  • Will people enter a cheese confessional?



  • Are people curious enough to engage in a cheese confessional pop up for 5 minutes?



  • 10 people in 2 hours



  • Number of people that were willing to do it in-person

  • Did conversations last longer or less than 5 minutes



  • Evoked a lot of curiosity

  • People needed examples of a confession

  • It was difficult to build conversations

  • People were more comfortable approaching us in pairs

  • People were interested in learning more about the project

Value Proposition

Cheese Don’t Tell focuses on the eternal sensory ritual and pleasure cheese provides. Through cheese confessions, we uncover personal relationships with cheese in order to take visitors on an intimate, witty and supremely cheesy journey.

For the food lovers and sinners who have succumbed to, or refrained from, the temptation of cheese. Our pop-up incites people to confess to their deepest secrets regarding cheese retail and consumption, to be awarded a penitence to that is customized to them.


Unlike generic grocery stores and overwhelming cheese shops, our offering provides a sensory, intimate, and experimental experience that facilitates indulging in the guilty pleasures of life.

The Final Build